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At Saint Andrews United Methodist, our staff consists of intellectual pastors and clerics that are committed to providing exceptional service to our growing community. They are the faces behind the daily upkeep of the Church, and the reason behind our ability to smoothly run our events and services. Contact us today and speak with one of our staff members!


David Park


Born in Seoul, Korea and immigrated to the US in 1975 David realized that the airspace of the United States needed defending, so he joined the USAF in 1977. After shedding the fatigue uniform, he aspired to be a dentist, but had made the mistake of attending a revival at a Korean American church. The Holy Spirit hit him "like a train", thus leading him on the spritual journey into Chrisitan ministry. David attended a seminary in New Haven, CT. He was later ordained  in the United Methodist Church. David is married and has one son, Daniel. David enjoys camping and sleeping in tents. He plans to see all the National Parks before he becomes too creaky in the knees.

Piano B&W

Kyle Frenan Cremat

Music Director

Kyle has been playing piano for four and a half years. His dream is to be able to inspire people all around the world to play an instrument and to believe that anything is possible with the right dedication and passion, in the same way other pianist and composers has inspired and sparked his passion towards music such as Lang Lang, Krystian Zimmerman and Yuja Wang, and composers like Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Chopin and many more. Kyle Cremat has been a part of numerous bands, such as ARC orchestra and ARC’s symphonic/concert band. He is a Piano/Composition/Conducting/Music education major. He has also composed several set of original works mainly for the piano: 4 Seasonal Waltz, 4 preludes, 4 etudes and many more in progress such as his 1st piano concerto. Kyle also has a YouTube channel named Just Another Piano Guy and a website in progress. Kyle Cremat teaches piano privately to anybody that is willing to learn and work hard.  He runs a piano group class teaching kids piano. Kyle Cremat is always very thrilled to play, to learn, and to work with everyone to make great music and to inspire others.

ruth cropped.jpg

Ruth Lindey

Church Secretary

Ruth has been a long time (30 years) member of St. Andrews. In April 2011, after Ruth retired as an Executive Assistant for the City of Sacramento, she put her skills to work as a part time secretary in the church office. Her grasp of the mission and ministry of St. Andrews, her sense of humor, and people skills are truly an asset.  As one pastor stated, “She's invaluable.” Amen!



Child Care

Carmen provides child care during morning services and special events. The children love Carmen.

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