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Learn About Services to Others

As a loving member of Saint Andrews United Methodist, you will soon experience the power of healing through service. Our ministries offer different opportunities for members to give back to the community in honor of Our Savior, who sacrificed so much for us. Saint Andrews United Methodist has a ministry fit for you, whatever your age and stage of life. Read on to find out more!

We not only volunteer out in the community, but also at home in our worship space.  Thus keeping St. Andrews a viable part of the Sacramento Area.  We are always eager to welcome volunteers whenever and where ever the spirit leads you. Come join us on a Saturday Project Day, the Thursday Morning Task Force or help recycle for the Youth Ministry.

Urban Gardening
Bible discussion group

Spiritual Counseling

Since 2000, Saint Andrews United Methodist has provided the community with all the tools, wisdom, and resources they need to keep them grounded. Our Spiritual Counseling was established with an aim to offer congregants the chance to give back to the community. Each of our ministries is as strong as a family and bring congregants closer together.

Services to Others: Ministries
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