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Welcome to Saint Andrew's United Methodist Church

Where You're Family!

ALL are Welcome at St. Andrew's

The people of St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church welcome to worship, and celebrate the ministries of, all persons regardless of sexual orientation or identity.  Further, we invite all persons to be full participants and members of our church community, at every level, at every capacity.

Annual Dessert Auction

The fun begins after the worship service during coffee hour.

Date:   Sunday November 24, 2019

Time:   11:30 AM

Place:  Moss Hall, St. Andrew’s 6201 Spruce Avenue

If you’re a baker, bring your homemade baked goods to be auctioned off!


If you’re a buyer, bring your sweet tooth and come prepared for a fun, fast-paced auction where you might be out-bid if you’re not careful!


There was a wonderful abundance of goodies last year and anyone can bring an item.  Everyone is encouraged to bid high and bid often on the tasty treats. You will for sure find something for your Thanksgiving dinner.  


This is an annual fundraiser for St. Andrew’s General Fund.

Special General Conference Decision

Our Home is Open!

Our congregation does not agree with the decision of the Special General Conference convened in St. Louis last month.  This Special General Conference decided to follow the Traditional Plan. St. Andrew's aligns with the Western Jurisdiction's support of the One Church Plan.  The One Church Plan gives autonomy to individual congregations regarding acceptance of all of God's children including members of the LGBTQi community.  St. Andrew's is a Reconciling Congregation, and we welcome ALL of God's children, looking past our differences.  We stand for equality, justice, and inclusiveness; and against injustice of any kind--including racial, sexual, and economic--and exclusionary practices.

Your #1 Spiritual Source Since 2000

At Saint Andrew's United Methodist, our doors are open to every soul seeking to welcome Jesus Christ into their hearts. We foster a community where we teach individuals to show their love for The Lord and for one another through worship and community service. Members of our church are those who build relationships with our family through community groups, volunteer activities, worship services or learning. We welcome all individuals seeking God’s love. We teach the doctrines of our Savior in prayer, and invite you to open up your hearts and allow his grace to penetrate into your soul and being. Pop in today and join our community.

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Located in beautiful Sacramento, Saint Andrews United Methodist offers congregants a place of comfort, hope, and a peace of mind for all their worshipping needs. We are dedicated to spreading the teachings of Jesus Christ, and our goal is to inspire you through the holiness of our dwelling and our services. We invite you to become a part of our growing congregation, and look forward to meeting you!

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